Make Your Restaurant Feel Like Home With The Right Dining Atmosphere

What makes people decide to pop into a restaurant they’re walking past? Yes, the menu and pricing are important, but when making on the spot decisions about where to eat, the atmosphere of a restaurant influences a person’s choice.

When you want customers to walk through your doors, forget about the time and order that second bottle of wine, putting them at ease will make them feel at home, so that they relax and keep enjoying your restaurant.

Interior Designer Trends You Can Expect to See in Hospitality Furniture

Working in hospitality means that every element of your business needs to be geared towards meeting the needs of your customers. This includes intangible factors such as how you greet customers and the background music you play. It’s also physical elements like the colours you use in your business’s branding and the kind of hospitality furniture a customer can expect to find when they walk into your venue.

How To Choose The Best Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer For Your Needs

With the new year upon us it’s a good time to revisit your business’s needs. This could mean looking for new furniture for your wedding and conference venue, café, hotel, restaurant or bar. Whether you’ve never employed the services of a hospitality furniture manafacturer before or you’re looking for a new supplier who can better meet your needs, here’s what you need to look for.

From Bar Stools To Beer Pong – How To Attract Visitors To Your Bar

To keep your bar popular and profitable, you can’t just rely on regulars to stay afloat. To guarantee a steady stream of customers filling up your bar stools every evening, you need to invest in marketing.

Traditional tactics like storefront signage and flyers are old school, so go beyond the basics when marketing your bar. While we of course advocate a great looking venue with stunning bar stools (link to bar stool page on site) we’ve come up with a few extra ways to liven up your clientele.

Commercial Furniture Fabric Selection – What you MUST know

Dining venues, as you know are subject to high usage, and people may not be as careful as they are at home. Furniture tends to look old and worn out quicker. That’s why it’s important to invest in higher-grade materials.

The fact is, quality goes a long way. But how do you choose the right texture, pattern and colour? With so many options can get a bit overwhelming. As you select furniture and fittings, knowing how the fabric will be used and matching it for the right durability properly is key.