Getting Stool Height Right

There are three commonly used heights for stools. Lows stools450mm,  similar to those of chairs, suitable for use with most tables. Counter/kitchen worktop height stools 650mm, suitable for using beside kitchen serving…

4 Key Differentiators to Guarantee you Choose the Right Furniture for Your Hotel

Hotel furniture needs to be functional, yes, but nowadays your furniture needs to work for you in every way, to ensure more guests enter your hotel and to encourage repeat visits.

To give your guests a better customer experience, furniture which enhances the beauty and style of your hotel is the key to creating a lasting impression. A memorable experience is created when the style of your furniture is not only durable, it matches and adds highlights to the decor and theme of every room.

The Latest Trends In Hotel Furniture, For Savvy Hotel Owners

With stiff competition from Airbnb, every stay has a style and homely character, how do hotels remain relevant in a hospitality industry?

An exceptionally designed interior plays an influential role in heightening guests’ overall hotel experience. Comfort is increasingly an important factor to entice guests to make repeat bookings and improve their loyalty, and the latest trends in hotel furniture enhances the home-away-from-home experience.

Client Satisfaction and Service

Watsonia RSL is a vibrant hub of community activity, and they recently redesigned their dining area with 32 lounge chairs by Strand Hospitality Furniture.

It’s quite often that a business owner may need a bit of help in getting the look and feel that really makes their space welcoming and inviting. We worked closely with BSPN Architecture to get the exact stain of walnut that would fit the venue perfectly.

Contemporary And Modern Commercial Furniture Trends for 2019

As the owner of a restaurant, hospitality business or café, your success depends on your ability to meet your customer’s needs. The food you served five years ago won’t be the same as what you offer today, as ingredients, tastes and times change. The same principle applies to your furnishings. As you do your stocktake, why not evaluate your furniture at least once a year? Reflecting on what works and what doesn’t, the ambience of your café or restaurant will be key.

Make Your Restaurant Feel Like Home With The Right Dining Atmosphere


What makes people decide to pop into a restaurant they’re walking past? Yes, the menu and pricing are important, but when making on the spot decisions about where to eat, the atmosphere of a restaurant influences a person’s choice.

When you want customers to walk through your doors, forget about the time and order that second bottle of wine, putting them at ease will make them feel at home, so that they relax and keep enjoying your restaurant.