Cafes, Restaurants And Furniture

We strive to provide a complete solution for any of your hospitality furniture needs. When furnishing your venue there are usually multiple factors to consider in order to find the right solution for you. Between indoor dining furniture, outdoor dining furniture and bar furniture, coordinating a flowing theme for an entire venue can be a headache. 

Let us remove that headache! Strand may seem like a furniture company, but in reality we are more similar to a pharmacy as we excel in removing headaches. 

Tabletop Elegance

Table Bases:

With many cafes and restaurants expanding to outdoor dining you may start to find that the ground can be very irregular and uneven outdoors. This is the cause of many wobbly tables creating an endless struggle adjusting your table screw adjustments every time you move the table even a little bit. Not very practical, this is why we strongly recommend our variety of self stabilising table bases. The Folding Table Range is perfect when space is a concern, having the ability to fold and pack away your tables is a definite plus!

Table Tops:

The right table top can really make a venue pop. We have a wide array of both ready made and custom table top options that not only look great but are durable commercial grade. Whether you need indoor table tops or outdoor table tops, Strand has the solution for yo


Commercial Outdoor Cafe Furniture

For your outdoor settings it is best to use outdoor chairs and stools you can rely on to last in Australia’s harsh weather. Our Polypropylene and Aluminium outdoor chairs and outdoor stool range are suited for the harshest of conditions, rain or shine.

Indoor furniture tends to offer that next level of comfort and style. When protected by a roof and four walls, you have the freedom to express your venue with the use of upholstered or timber indoor chairs and stools. 

When space is scarce, make sure to check if your chairs are stackable. Our range of stackable chairs can make life so much easier when it comes to filling a venue with both its indoor and outdoor furniture.

Our Hospitality Service Solutions

To make your furniture acquisition process hassle free, we utilize our knowledge, expertise and convenient services; 

We Come To You:

For the best tailored advice, let us come to your venue to provide the most accurate advice applicable to your venue. We understand that it can be difficult to get away from the venue during weekdays, so let us come to you and save you the trip!

Floor Plan Setup:

With years of experience working with an array of differing floor plans we like to consider ourselves somewhat of an authority when it comes to suggesting the best ergonomic experience for your dinners as well as maximising seating capacity. 

Bring in your floor plans, give us a rough sketch or simply let us come to you and we will provide you with the best floor plan advice for your venue. For more general advice, take a look at our article on table sizing guides.

Custom Made:

When it comes to tailored solutions, off the shelf options don’t always fit the bill. Strand offers a range of customization options to fit your venue’s needs. 

Custom Upholstery:

Upholstery can be one of the best ways to determine a venue’s feel and flow. The right patterns, colours and material choices can make a good venue stand out as a breathtaking venue. We work with some of Australia’s best upholsterers to provide not only quality and stylish finishes, but furniture that is commercial grade and designed to last. 

Custom Timber Tops:

We provide table tops made to required specifications for when the standard square or circle top does not suffice. From indoor to outdoor, we have a wide range of timbers and weather/water resistant compact laminate table tops that can be made to size, colour and finish of your choice. The choices really are vast, contact our knowledgeable team to find out more.

Custom Colour:

Something as simple as a colour change can really make a venue stand out. We offer our clients painting and stain options for all timber furniture as well as powder coating for our metal range of chairs and stools.


Of course, like everyone else we deliver your products to your door when you require it. However there are some areas we may be able to make life a little easier;

48 Hour Delivery:

On stocked products we can offer 48 hour turnaround times.


We not only drop off your furniture, but we can fully unpack and assemble it.


If you lack the man power or time to place all your furniture, we can help you out and save you the trouble.

Rubbish Removal:

No bins? No problem. In addition to unpacking and placing your order, we can take care of the clean up.

Old Furniture Removal:

No where to out your existing furniture, let us take care of that for you, we can take your existing old furniture when we drop off your brand new.

Is Your Cafe, Bar or Restaurant Furniture Outstanding?

The success of your venue is all about being a stand out. When someone first sees through the windows or on your website, the look and feel of your brand are highly dependent on the furniture you choose. We know that you need to make a statement as soon as people see through your windows, visit your website or walk through your door.

At Strand, we help you to stand out. We provide a range of wholesale dining furniture and a comprehensive range of modern furniture, all tested for commercial use.

Our quality local and international commercial furniture has everything your bar, café or restaurant needs to sit, wine and dine:

Bar Furniture

  • Bar Stools
  • Low Stools
  • Bar Chairs
  • Bar Sofas and Ottomans
  • Bar Tables
  • High Tables
  • Long Trestle Tables
  • Indoor Bar Furniture
  • Outdoor Bar Furniture
  • Armchairs
  • Ottomans

Cafe Furniture

  • Cafe Tables
  • Cafe Chairs
  • Cafe Stools
  • Outdoor Cafe Furniture
  • Wooden Cafe Tables and Chairs
  • Metal Cafe Tables and Chairs
  • Fabric Lounge and Café Chairs
  • Low Tables and Coffee Tables
  • Stackable Chairs and Tables
  • Cafe Sofas and Ottomans

Restaurant Furniture

  • Commercial Restaurant Tables and Chairs
  • Long Dining Tables
  • Restaurant Padded Seating
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Dining Chairs
  • Wooden Tables
  • Branded Wooden Tables
  • Metal Bases and Tables
  • Side Tables
  • Fabric, Metal and Wood Chairs
  • Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Customise Furniture Solutions For Your Customers

Designing your menu is one of the pleasures of offering hospitality to your customers and it’s a process of love and dedication to get the menu exactly right. Why not do the same with your dining furniture?

We customise to fit your look and budget. We can paint, powder coat or re-upholster furniture to create unique pieces. It’s also a pleasure to design custom made tables to fit your space perfectly.

Plan For Commercial Success

We recommend that you take your time and order ahead of schedule to make sure that you can get exactly what you planned at the right price. Visiting in store, seeing samples, having the ability to give your business a perfect fit and customise your customer experience takes time. While we will accommodate you where possible, allowing 6-8 weeks for a typical manufacturing order is the safest way. This ensures that you don’t have to compromise on budget to ensure quality.

Fast Set Up Commercial Furniture Service

We know that you need to have your venue looking great on your launch or relaunch date. That requires planning, to get you set up quickly and ready to open. We offer assembly prior to delivery by arrangement, so that you have your venue looking as new within a day. We can also attend on site if you need us to help you get set up in situ.

When an Opportunity (or Disaster!) Strikes You May Be in a Hurry!

We understand that sometimes a circumstance is out of your control. Property damage costs your business thousands in unearned income and any closure may affect your popularity. Subject to stock availability we can arrange delivery of furniture within 48 hours, so please ask if you have a very short window of opportunity.

Funding For Cafe, Bar Or Restaurant Furniture

We know that great furniture is a capital investment for you, and that may need to be financed over time. Part of our service is to partner closely with Geared Asset Finance, SilverChef and AxsessToday to arrange finance for you.

Customer Service For Cafe, Restaurant, And Bar Owners

Our goal is to ensure that the finished look is exactly what you planned, so please consider us partners in achieving a successful venue. Our friendly staff (link to team) are qualified, can offer design advice and have over a decade of knowledge in what it takes to make your commercial furniture a success.

Making an appointment ensures that you have our complete attention, so please call 1300 4STRAND to come in at your convenience during our business hours. If you’d like to walk in, please do, as we have qualified staff on hand at all times.

We welcome the opportunity to help you Stand out with Strand.

Are You Seeking Modern Cafe Furniture And On-Trend Cafe Tables And Chairs in Melbourne?

At Strand Hospitality Furniture, we supply all the cafe furniture you need in Melbourne including tables, chairs, bench seating, bar stools, armchairs, and bespoke seating. When you are looking for premium quality cafe furniture at wholesale prices, look no further.

Whether you are looking for outdoor cafe furniture, indoor coffee shop furniture or bespoke solutions, we’ve got you covered.

We offer a wide range of designs to suit every budget and requirements that modern coffee shops and cafes need. Whether you want to create a relaxing or interactive ambiance, we offer modern, on-trend furniture that will bring your vision to life. And if you’re not sure how to translate that vision into a stunning coffee shop, fret not.

Allow us to use our experience in hospitality fit-outs to deliver the solution you desire.

Premium Cafe Furniture In Melbourne To Complement Your Brand

Did you know that 75% of Australians have at least one cup of coffee every day? Of those, 28% enjoy three or even more cups a day!

Furthermore, the cafe business is extremely competitive. With so many other shops to compete with, it’s important to establish your brand and stand out from the crowd and create comfortable spaces for people to drink, eat, relax and work.

Even if your coffee is the best in Melbourne, if your customers are not comfortably seated and can’t relate to your brand, they’re likely to find another cafe. From tub chairs and designer chairs to communal tables and bistro tables, we offer everything you need to make the right impression.

Customers will spend more time in your cafe if they are comfortable. Those who stay longer tend to drink and eat more. This means greater revenue per customer.

We take the time to understand your requirements, provide sound advice and help you choose cafe furniture that will complement your brand and meet your budget and timescales.

We Take The Stress Out Of Buying Cafe Furniture

At Strand, we understand that refurbishing or starting your cafe can become extremely stressful. We ensure everything you buy is manufactured to the highest standards. Whether you are buying 10 chairs or 100 chairs, we make sure your purchase exceeds your expectations.

All our coffee shop furniture is sourced from the finest manufacturers from around the world ensuring durability, quality and, longevity for busy environments.

Setting up your new coffee shop requires a huge capital outlay. That’s why we sell our furniture at wholesale prices without compromising quality. Whether you are looking for contemporary designer furniture or retro cafe furniture, we offer the best products at competitive prices.