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The Practical Side of A Dry Bar Table

Dry bar tables are a versatile addition to any venue. They provide a standing area during times when the bar is busy whilst also providing popular seating areas when surrounded by bar stools.

They are especially good for areas that do not fit standard tables which in turn will optimise your space and  profits.

It goes without saying that this type of furniture is very resilient and a timeless addition to many venues. The materials are diverse and can amplify any design making your venue a standout.

Vintage inspired, classic look or contemporary design, we have a range of dry bar ideas to suit many indoor and outdoor facilities

Dry bars are a fantastic way of offering communal seating areas to any commercial venue and look great when combined with a range of standard bar tables and stools. 

For an industrial look consider a mild steel frame in either black or galvanised steel combined with a rustic timber top, or we can install with a more durable material for outdoor use like merbau or modwood slatted tops

For more advice or inspiration for your dry bar tables please contact Strand Hospitality Furniture. Or visit our website strand.furniture