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Banquet Seating

Banquette seating is usually fixed in place and most popular in restaurants and cafe venues. In most cases Banquette seating is situated up against the walls providing a “booth” experience. Alternatives include a circular inclosed booth or bench seating.

Banquette seating is an excellent choice when creating a more intimate environment for your customers. They can also add character and provide more comfort to your seating solution than regular chairs would. Banquette seating is also useful at maximising seating capacity and can be used to tastefully divide a space.

As a largely upholstered seat, Banquette seating is exposed to a higher risk of food and drink spillage. This is where PU shines over traditionally leather seating. Not only is it easier to clean but it is far more durable for hospitality uses as it is designed for these exact conditions.

Banquette seating requires professional installation and will require a pre-installation survey. This is a service Strand is equipped for if your own carpenters/builder are not available to do so.