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Our showroom is a testament to our commitment to creating modern, unique, and stylish visions for the hospitality industry. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of high-quality, bespoke pieces sourced globally, each with a distinctive flair that sets it apart in the Melbourne and Australian market.

Crafting Timeless Hospitality Experiences

Discover the journey of Strands Hospitality Furniture through our timeline, a testament to over a decade of excellence in serving the Australian hospitality industry.

Formerly known as Concept Collections Melbourne, our evolution into Strands in 2018 mirrors our passion for delivering outstanding service and unique designs. From our inception in 2010 as specialist suppliers to the hospitality sector to our expansion into importing in 2014, we have consistently sought out international treasures to enrich your spaces. Whether you are a business owner seeking expert advice or an architect in pursuit of bespoke solutions, Strands is your partner in creating sumptuous and purposeful furniture that stands the test of time.


Explore the captivating visual journey of Strands Hospitality Furniture by delving into our gallery, showcasing an array of meticulously curated and globally sourced pieces that embody innovation and style.