The Latest Trends In Hotel Furniture, For Savvy Hotel Owners

With stiff competition from Airbnb, every stay has a style and homely character, how do hotels remain relevant in a hospitality industry?

An exceptionally designed interior plays an influential role in heightening guests’ overall hotel experience. Comfort is increasingly an important factor to entice guests to make repeat bookings and improve their loyalty, and the latest trends in hotel furniture enhances the home-away-from-home experience.

Unique furniture styles should be aimed at creating personalised experiences, and one effective way to achieve this is by encouraging experience and decor interaction using colour and pattern. For example, the colour chocolate brown offers an authentic rustic feel while vibrant colors can contribute to a luxurious atmosphere.

Three Furniture Trends To Elevate The Customer Experience:


  1. Eco-friendly furniture that fits in with your brand’s values

Customers now are enthusiastic about environmentally-friendly practices and products, and your hotel can play a part in protecting the planet with sustainable choices in furniture.

Your choice of eco-friendly practices is not only a huge drawcard to attract the interest of enviro-conscious guests, but also allow a hotel to stand out in the industry with the guarantee of environmentally friendly materials. You and your staff may also be happier to know that eco-friendly and non-toxic materials were used to provide your furniture.

  1. Natural materials and colours that complement the indoors and outdoors

Natural colours, fabrics and materials can be used to great effect to coordinate and complement the interiors of a hotel to its exterior setting. The soothing atmosphere of an ocean-facing room can be styled to match with sand and sea colours, fabrics and textures, while for a sun-drenched terrace view, natural woods are a more suitable choice or vivid green hues to capture the tree-filled vista.

  1. Contrasting style elements radiate exclusivity

Rather than one unifying theme throughout your whole hotel, the use of a combination of textures, contrasting colours, and vintage-style fabrics on locally-made furnishings can give each room its own unique, casual sense of style, and its own welcoming character.

Carefully-selected hotel furnishings can provide both function and aesthetic value and play a key role in offering visitors a unique, unforgettable and comfortable stay. Contact Strand Hospitality Furniture for our superb selection of stylish furniture to suit you.