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How to Turn a Retail Downside into a Transformation for Others

In every retail business, there’s always end of line stock. It happens with food in hospitality, with furnishings in interior design and with building materials in construction. It certainly happens in the hospitality furniture industry. There’s a choice to be made – do we discount for a few dollars of extra revenue or is there something that we could do that is more satisfying to the soul?

We at Strand believe strongly that everyone deserves to experience the best in their life … and sometimes we all know that people are in circumstances that are less than ideal. We resonate with the message of the salvation army – Transform Lives. Give Hope. Help Others. Make A Difference.

If you’ve ever thought about this amazing charity, you’ll know that they do so much for people who otherwise would be without a warm bed, a decent meal or a table to put that meal on.

There are families in Australia who struggle to house and clothe their children, let alone have quality dining furniture. And the reality is that we can sell our ex display and end of line hospitality furniture direct to clients. Often that stock is immaculate and holds a strong retail value. Yet we decided to make a difference instead.

Our contribution to the Salvos is simple. Why not help a family to feel really special by giving them new or ex display dining furniture?

We’ve been doing that for years. In fact, we added it up recently and realised that we have contributed around $10,000 in ex display furniture (many pieces still in brand new condition).

Our giving is aligned with our values – to offer every customer the feeling of being well looked after, even those who don’t expect something special to happen.

It’s these small things that can transform other’s lives.

We’d love to help you to celebrate how special your business and your clients are too. If there’s something that you do to make your customers feel special, we want to share it with all our clients, so please let us know!

Should you wonder what you can do, check out the salvos here.