How To Choose The Best Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer For Your Needs

With the new year upon us it’s a good time to revisit your business’s needs. This could mean looking for new furniture for your wedding and conference venue, café, hotel, restaurant or bar. Whether you’ve never employed the services of a hospitality furniture manufacturer before or you’re looking for a new supplier who can better meet your needs, here’s what you need to look for.

  1. Do They Respect A Deadline?

It’s important that whichever manufacturer you choose can respect the deadlines they provided to you and prevent delays that could hold your project or official opening time back. You should have a reasonable estimate on when you can expect final delivery as well as the general waiting period you can expect from order to completion. Some providers will give you an unrealistic deadline to get your business, however, that’s not our policy at Strand Hospitality Furniture. We respect you and your business!

  1. Can They Give You Quality Assurances?

Many things can go wrong between placing your order for hospitality furniture and receiving it. It’s important to have a manufacturer that can provide you with an assurance that they have a process in place to reduce your concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they have a quality control process in place and if your purchases come with a warranty. This will give you peace of mind should you be unhappy with your purchase. We have a solid QA process and will replace and repair any item that does not meet our high standards.

  1. Can They Go the Extra Mile?

When you need furniture for hospitality purposes, a one size fits all solution isn’t always suitable. Often you will need an existing piece of furniture customised or tweaked to suit the individual needs of your business. For example, you might find that you require furniture that is easy to move. Pieces placed in high traffic areas might need higher resistance to daily wear and tear. You may need to keep the legs of the furniture from damaging any flooring. Furniture around children might require adjustments to prevent injuries from occurring. Your furniture will also need to be easy to access and be kept clean by the staff. That’s why coming to a customisable hospitality furniture supplier is worthwhile.

Strand Hospitality Furniture is a Victorian based hospitality furniture manufacturer who can meet all your needs regarding the above three points. If you’re looking to start your new year with quality, attractive and functional furniture from a reliable supplier, contact us today on 1300 4STRAND.