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From Bar Stools To Beer Pong – How To Attract Visitors To Your Bar

To keep your bar popular and profitable, you can’t just rely on regulars to stay afloat. To guarantee a steady stream of customers filling up your bar stools every evening, you need to invest in marketing.

Traditional tactics like storefront signage and flyers are old school, so go beyond the basics when marketing your bar. While we of course advocate a great looking venue with stunning bar stools (link to bar stool page on site) we’ve come up with a few extra ways to liven up your clientele.

Go Online – Using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can create and target your atmosphere towards a certain clientele. This is done via the look and feel of your photos, by creating events, happy hours and client / staff of the month celebrations.

Check In – Your goal is to get people to share your venue with their friends. You can offer a special if they ‘check in’ on Facebook, which means your client’s friends see your venue on their feed. Happy clients will check in, share their celebration photos and your bar will be the winner without spending a dollar.

Special Days – Celebrate a completely random event. For example, Busy Mum Day might be a treat day, offering a rose and a chocolate at a special morning tea. Joint ventures could see you being able to partner with a photographer, massage therapist or similar venue to offer a value add in your venue that introduces their business and celebrates you both.

Play Games – Bar quizzes or competitions are social and fun. Classic games like beer pong and bingo are always popular and winners may love your branded shirts to take home. Double advertising value!

Celebrity Style – Influencers on Instagram and Youtubers are the new publicity outlets. What they do is create a buzz for your brand by speaking about it, holding an event with you or just turning up. If you do have a celeb. come into your bar, make the most of it!

Tap Takeover – Craft beer culture has taken the world by storm. Tap into it by promoting the arrival of a new beer, offering free drinks every third round or integrating a challenge, like asking them to flip a coin. If they get it right, you choose the bonus!

Sponsor A Sport Team – Give customers a place to watch the big game and tournament on a big screen, surrounding by fellow fans cheering alongside them. Sponsoring a local kids team will also work really well for some local bars.

Reward Regulars – When you have a loyal patron, make them feel noticed and appreciated. Get them their own dedicated bar stool or a beer glass with their name on it. Whatever it is, the goal is to make that loyalty desirable. Even better if you have a few celebrity names in the mix.

Fit Your Market – Not all clients are equal – which we are sure you’ve noticed. The best clientele for you during the day might be different from those who come out at night, so choose your hours and know your clients. We help you do this by offering in-store design help for any kind of bar or club – from traditional pub style to super modern.

Stand Out – Don’t be afraid to be different. The most iconic bars and clubs are those that are memorable. In our world, that might mean you use electric blue or hot pink seating. It might mean wood, or metal, even a commercial grade leather look is possible. Then, in a street full of bars or clubs, your clients will always know where they had the most awesome night.

Appealing through a mix of traditional and new advertising will help you to develop a bar culture that will enhance your business and grow your clientele. When people know and enjoy your hospitality, they’ll recommend you to others.

The best news is that you’ll have to invest in more bar stools to keep.

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