Contemporary And Modern Commercial Furniture Trends for 2019

As the owner of a restaurant, hospitality business or café, your success depends on your ability to meet your customer’s needs. The food you served five years ago won’t be the same as what you offer today, as ingredients, tastes and times change. The same principle applies to your furnishings. As you do your stocktake, why not evaluate your furniture at least once a year? Reflecting on what works and what doesn’t, the ambience of your café or restaurant will be key.

Commercial furniture lasts around 2-5 years, depending on wear and tear, and they could be replaced or updated. If your space is long overdue for a modern update, here are some contemporary furniture trends for 2019 that can help to inform your new look.

  1. Curves

Razor sharp lines and severe angles aren’t in fashion any longer. In 2019, modern commercial furniture boasts welcoming curves for a warmer atmosphere. Try sleek rounded chairs, modern sofas with soft corners and round dining tables instead of the rectangular ones.

Curved furniture is relaxing and welcoming, encourage patrons to linger longer and unwind. When you think about the 60s heyday and the futuristic Jetson family style pieces that still look fresh, curves can also be an excellent investment to make for your business, as the style is classic and timeless.

  1. Natural Materials

The call for natural designs that are also sustainable is increasing as consumers realise that their every purchase decision – including where they eat – has an impact on the environment. That’s why we offer Australian recycled timber pieces in our tabletop range.

Untreated materials such as wood, linens and hemp offer a rough, rustic and textured feel to any venue. Boho café’s, vegan café’s, and those with a casual air look amazing when decorated with natural timber, masonry accents, understated fabrics and reclaimed or recycled furniture.

  1. Velvet and Blush Tones

Blush tones are in fashion this year, and beige, black and white are old news. Blush tones are warm and sensual but also playful and exciting to the eye. Featured cushions, fabric seating and warm velvet covered chairs in peach, apricot or pinks immediately lift your café. And don’t worry! When we recommend luxurious feeling fabrics, we make sure they are still fit for commercial use.

Add in one or two high-metallic items to a space filled with blush, a little velvet or even natural tones, and you’ll have a beautiful area worth raving about.

When the time comes to redesign your hospitality business and the ambience of your venue, being on trend is key. Whether you own a restaurant, a hotel or a café, casting a design eye over your furniture will ensure you add a modern touch that your patrons will love.

When you seek to stand out with your dining, restaurant and banquet furniture, Stand out with Strand.