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Advice From a Hospitality Furniture Company On Choosing Furniture For Your Establishment

There’s a big difference between the furniture that you buy for your home and the furniture that you’ll need to buy for your hospitality business where you are best served to buy from hospitality furniture companies. It can be challenging to separate your home decor from your hospitality business style. This is where the team at Strand comes in.

Here’s how to narrow down your furniture choices, so you end up with what best suits your unique requirements.

Know Your Establishment

If you’re starting up your hospitality business from scratch, the kind of service you’ll be offering will impact your choice of furniture. What kind of environment do you wish to create for the service? Who is your target audience? How much wear and tear will that clientele create on your dining area? These are important things to consider.

A family style gastropub will have very different furniture requirements compared with a pub that caters to young university students on a budget. The former will expect a certain level of luxury while the latter will be more concerned about how cheap the beer is!

Set The Tone

While you might furnish your home to cater to every comfort, you may not want to take the same approach for your business. If your establishment is a club where you intend on having people dance, space saving furniture like bar stools and ottomans are your ‘go to’ best friend.

Not only is it inconvenient to have large pieces of furniture in a crowded club, it can be an OH&S issue. People dancing in between club chairs is a bad idea, especially after a few drinks!

Massive banquet tables in a wedding venue for example are appropriate, yet you also need a dancefloor so that people aren’t too close to the tables as the party goes on. On the other hand, if you’re opening a buffet restaurant, you’ll want those large tables and chairs with high backs, which is fine when there’s no likelihood of a dance party breaking out.

Mind you, where there’s great atmosphere, there’s always the chance of a party!

Comfort Comes First

No matter the establishment that you’re setting up, you need to make sure that your patrons are comfortable. At a restaurant, you may want to limit your customers to quick lunches because they can’t bear to sit on your seats for too long, but there’s a fine balance. Don’t be afraid to test out the comfort of the furniture that you want to invest it. Your customer’s enjoyment will directly influence how often and how long they visit your establishment.

No matter what style of furniture you need, Strand Furniture is your hospitality furniture company catering to your dining venue for custom, luxury and style within your budget. You don’t have to compromise on quality or comfort, because we help you sort out the right option, so contact us today for a full-service furnishing solution.

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