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4 Key Differentiators to Guarantee you Choose the Right Furniture for Your Hotel

Hotel furniture needs to be functional, yes, but nowadays your furniture needs to work for you in every way, to ensure more guests enter your hotel and to encourage repeat visits.

To give your guests a better customer experience, furniture which enhances the beauty and style of your hotel is the key to creating a lasting impression. A memorable experience is created when the style of your furniture is not only durable, it matches and adds highlights to the decor and theme of every room.

Colour, texture, material, shape and size all make the difference between furniture that looks out of place, and pieces that dramatically enhance your hotel’s ambience.

Of course, not all venues are the same. Some go for trendy, some classic. Yours is likely to have its own particular flair and to appeal to clientele looking for your style. Within the melting pot of these choices, the 4 key differentiators that really ensure that you stand out are comfort, branding, placement and durability.

  1. Dining, Lounging and Waiting in Comfort in Your Hotel

Your hospitality furniture needs to look comfortable to the eye when your guests enter the room and enticing enough for your guests to stay.

Imagine how the comfort of your dining and lounge chairs influences the rest of their experience. You potentially want a guest to sit for a short while in the foyer, an intermediate term in the dining area and longer in the lounge. The level of comfort of your lounge, café, foyer or private room directs the mood, enables your guests to have a good time, and leaves a great feeling about their visit. Repeat visits occur because of their experience; if they were comfortable last visit, your guests will speak highly of your venue.

  1. Know Your Hotel Brand and Match it

What is the personality of your hotel? What message do you wish it to convey?

As customers look into your hotel, what do you want it to say to them? Is your venue relaxed or designed for a big night out? Would you like clientele who are hip, or professional? Daytime or night time or both?

You might not realise how closely your furniture choices match your likely repeat clientele. Here’s an example: What does a velvet armchair convey, as opposed to wooden stools at a high bench? Each have their own message – so it’s absolutely essential that you select the chair that speaks for you and is attractive to the clients that you imagine frequenting your hotel.

  1. Furniture Placement for Hoteliers Creates the Mood

Have you ever wondered about how your furniture could be arranged? Imagine what your guests can do in that space and cater to that with the right furniture.

Big soft armchairs are inviting to sit in, and ideal if the sound is low enough to hear your friends from a couple of meters away, while reclining. These large pieces are perfect if you want to create an easy space for a few guests at any one time.

If on the other hand, this part of your hotel is high-capacity, and you want your guests to be able to move freely and lean in to talk over loud music, then consider smaller, more mobile furniture. You could even have a need for stackable or collapsible pieces when day turns to night.

  1. Durable Furniture and a Fresh Look Creates Ambience

Sometimes you may believe that there is a trade-off between cost and durability. That’s where commercial furniture is essential. Light-coloured fabric may look great in a foyer, but must be rated for high use when placed in energetic space with exposure to red wine. A compromise on price can lead to a shorter lifespan, which is actually more expensive over the longer term of 3-5 years.

The question might be; Do you want your guests to be restrained or relaxed?

A sturdy, unstainable chair could tell your guests that this is a place where they can act more freely, and you will have that sturdy furniture which is functional for years to come. This is where timber chairs may wear better than PVC, leather or fabric. However, you may be surprised to realise that the range of long lasting high-wear fabric is as wide and varied as your imagination.

When you want to set the desired ambience with the right choice in furniture, ensure that your hotel room creates a positive, long-lasting impression on your guests. Don’t forget the 4 key differentiators that ensure your hotel is the go-to destination for your favourite type of guest – comfort, branding, placement and durability.

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