Hotels & Function Venues Furniture

The Best Function and Hotel Furniture

Your vision includes thousands of happy visitors and a warm, inviting space that stands out from the rest. Getting commercial furniture that is both fit for purpose and a statement of quality about how you treat your guests is something we know very well. Since 2010 we have been a leading hospitality furniture stockist and manufacturer and we know what you and your guests require.

We offer a wide range of typical and unique pieces for hotels, business centres and function centres. Our wide range of hotel furniture stock is sourced from many countries; mainly Italy, Poland, Turkey, Australia and Asia.

Our extensive catalogue of pieces can be customised for fabric, metal or wood requirements, using high quality fabrics, woods or durable metals. Let us know what you require in the way of:

  • bar furniture
  • hotel furniture
  • lounge, lobby or entrance seating
  • low, high or round tables
  • branded tables and chairs
  • banquette seating
  • gaming stools
  • ottomans
  • coffee tables
  • sofas
  • bespoke board room tables
  • hotel chairs
  • customised hospitality furniture concepts

Service, Co-ordination, Delivery and Set up

We love working with you as a business owner and your interior designer or architect to ensure that your vision is realised. Our FOUR STEP process assists you to find, make or adapt furniture to your exacting requirements.

End to end customer service

Your journey with us begins when you call in, or arrange a time to visit our showrooms in Abbotsford or Keysborough. We will discuss your requirements and budget, help you to plan and imagine the space you want to create with the right modern, standard or customised commercial furniture.

You will receive a quote to accept and all the details will be confirmed, prior to making or delivering your furniture. This may take some time, as we want to ensure that everything is just what you ordered.

When there is a timeframe attached to your order WE WILL BE HONEST about the timeframe, as this is one of the biggest issues in our industry. There is no point in us getting your business only to disappoint you by not being able to deliver on schedule.

We have a high level of return business because we love to keep our promises!

We recommend you allow 6-8 weeks for most fit outs once you have decided upon the right pieces for your business. If we can arrange in-stock delivery within 48 hours, we will do exactly that, so please ask if you are in a hurry.

Furniture fit out co-ordination

You may already have a designer or architect in which case we will co-ordinate with their requirements and schedule to ensure that you are all happy with the result. For designers and architects, please visit our dedicated page (link to architect / designer page) to learn more about how we partner with you for your clients.

If you don’t have a designer and want assistance with creating a unique look for your hotel, business centre or function room, we can help. Our team includes design savvy creatives who can offer suggestions that will make your venue stand out from the crowd. We love to co-ordinate your project and we can mix and match with custom designed pieces if you desire that option.

We continuously review our product range to add new styles to the range or improve the quality of existing items. What that means is that at we offer contemporary commercial seating at prices that balance quality and budget.

Delivery on schedule

Opening night is approaching and your furniture needs to be delivered on time to your specifications. We know that in our industry one of the tactics is to promise a timeframe that isn’t likely to be achieved to get your business. Our ethics are based on keeping our promises and delivering on schedule.

Optional assembly and set up

We can deliver, assemble prior or on site and set up all over Australia. Just let us know where you are and what you need.

We work by appointment or on a drop-in basis and only focus on the commercial hospitality industry, so you know that our furniture is right for you. To have the hotel, club or function centre of your dreams, just call us on 1300 4STRAND.